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Après la Révolution: Publishing in the Post-Digital World

Garrett P. Kiely, Director of the University of Chicago Press

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Teens, Digital Media, and the Chicago Public Library

Penny Sebring, Founding Co-Director of the Consortium on Chicago School Research, and Eric Brown, PhD student at Northwestern University’s School of Education and Social Policy

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The Mediated Book: eBooks and the Digital Library

Randal C. Picker, James Parker Hall Distinguished Service Professor of Law; Senior Fellow, the Computation Institute of the University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory

This talk will look at the intersection of law and technological change first for the individual book and then for collections of books.

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Iran, Cinema, and the Curious Logics of Circulation

Brian T. Edwards, Associate Professor at Northwestern University

Cultural diplomacy traditionally assumes that the exchange of cultural products promotes better understanding—and that the primary challenge is getting foreign audiences to engage with creative works from afar. In the digital age, the realities are much more complex.

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Egypt: A Public Private Partnership to Protect the Cultural Heritage of Countries in Crisis

Deborah Lehr, Founding Chairman of the Capitol Archaeological Institute at The George Washington University; Director of the Paulson Institute

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