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Liberty vs. Property? Cracks in the Foundation of Copyright Law

The appropriate approach to intellectual property is not abolition but fine-tuning in an effort to increase the gains from intellectual property generally.

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Producing Local Color: A Study of Networks and Resource Mobilization in Three Local Chicago Communities

This study of networks and resource mobilization in three localities shows how professionals and local residents involved in art production accessed resources through social circuits to create markers of the racial, ethnic and class dimensions of their communities.

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Sandpiles of Opportunity: Success in the Art World

 I argue that the shape of an artist's art-world network history influences success -- specifically, that a consistent history of a pattern of broad-ranging weak ties will lead to greater amounts of critical notice than will other types of network shapes.

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Culture, Conflict and Community: Rituals of Protest or Flairs of Competition

The research reported here compares 48 communities in an effort to understand why some communities are more contentious than others when it comes to fighting over art and cultural expression.

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Social Capital and Support for Public Funding of the Arts" (January 2004)

We test the hypothesis that social capital is an important determinant of popular support for public funding of the arts.

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