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The Nature of Intellectual Property in the Mid-Twentieth Century

It helps us remember that positions in this intellectual property debate are conditioned as much by history as by logic.

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When Should Regions Bid for Artistic Resources?

Should regions make special bids to attract growth-enhancing resources? And more specifically, might the arts serve as such a resource? If so, under what conditions?

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Some Observations of Analyzing Economic Impact: A Case Study, the Economic Impact of the Staples Center on the City of Los Angeles

The purpose of this report is to assess the impact the Staples Center has had on the economy of the City of Los Angeles, and in so doing identify and analyze the problems involved in estimating the economic impact of public development projects.

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Assessing the Impacts of the Cultural Industry

The word "impact", when used in the phrase "economic impact analysis", has two somewhat different interpretations within the economics of the arts and culture.

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Liberty vs. Property? Cracks in the Foundation of Copyright Law

The appropriate approach to intellectual property is not abolition but fine-tuning in an effort to increase the gains from intellectual property generally.

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