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Swing for Your Supper: The Earnings of Jazz'ers and Other Musicians

This study uses two new datasets to examine the earnings of musicians, specifically jazz musicians, the Study of Jazz Artists 2001: American Federation of Musician Survey and the Study of Jazz Artists 2001: Respondent Driven Survey. This study tests the human capital earnings function (HCEF) on the earnings of musicians from both jazz and non-jazz performances. The results suggest that human capital investments play significant, but different roles, in the earnings from jazz music and nonjazz music.

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Intrinsically Scarce Goods

We are concerned with a class of goods that are both scarce and valued for experiences that depend on their authenticity and unmediated access to them. Such goods include prehistoric cave paintings, spectacular natural sites, and several of the arts. Because these goods are scarce, access to them must be restricted if they are to survive. After characterizing the goods we have in mind, we will propose a scheme for distributing access to them. Finally, we will suggest that the lessons learned from considering these goods and their distribution can be applied to other kinds of goods.

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The Production of Popular Music as a Confidence Game: The Case of the Chicago Blues

In this article I argue that the production of live music shares many formal properties with that of confidence games.

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Incumbents, Innovation, and Competence: the Emergence of Recorded Jazz, 1920-1929

We examine recorded jazz as a musical innovation of the early twentieth century.

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Assessing the Impacts of the Cultural Industry

The word "impact", when used in the phrase "economic impact analysis", has two somewhat different interpretations within the economics of the arts and culture.

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