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Undergraduate Humanities Coursework: an Exploration of its Effects on Key Postgraduate Outcomes

This report explores what current data sources can reveal about who takes college-level humanities courses and the value of these courses to students who ultimately pursue degrees in fields other than the humanities.

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An Investigation into the Feasibility of Establishing an Arts and Culture Research Network

During the fall and winter of 2011/12 I had wide-ranging conversations with 22 individuals from various disciplines about the possibility of forming a research network for the arts and cultural policy. There was consensus that the field of cultural policy needed to be strengthened and almost universal interest expressed in the possibility of participating in such a network, but they all wanted to learn more about how this would work out in practical terms before committing further.

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Awakening the Creative Voice: Building Creative Capital in Cities and Communities

As arts funders and advocates struggle to make connections between arts programs, businesses and the civic agenda, we still suffer for lack of a clearer vision of what a creative community looks like. In his remarks, Alan Brown will offer a potential model for building “creative capital” in cities and communities across the U.S.

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The Arts: Not Just Artists (and vice versa): New Methodological Approaches towards Understanding the Economic Composition of Arts

Using a three-tiered data approach, we look at the relationship between artistic occupations and artistic industries on both the national and regional level. We then compare the thirty largest metro areas.

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