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Arts Marketing 2010

Kevin Giglinto, Vice President for Sales and Marketing, Chicago Symphony Orchestra Association

The role of the Arts Marketer has changed dramatically over the past decade. While the core elements of promotion and driving audience attendance remain, there is a new focus on patron research and data analysis to help guide strategic decisions as arts organizations navigate through a shifting landscape.

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The Rebirth of Classical Music

Presented by Greg Sandow, a veteran critic, composer, and consultant whose specialty is now the future of classical music; a member of the Graduate Studies faculty at Juilliard; and artist-in-residence at the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Maryland, where he’s working with students at the School of Music to help them find an audience of their own age.

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Chicago: The New Mu$ic Capitol?

On January 24, 2008, the Chicago Music Commission hosted a panel discussion of area experts to discuss economic opportunities generated by the city’s music industry. Chicago Music City researchers Lawrence Rothfield, Sarah Lee and Dan Silver launched the discussion with a summary of the study findings. Led by the Commission’s Dan Lurie, city officials and music industry leaders addressed points of contention and future opportunities to collaborate.

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Incumbents, Innovation, and Competence: the Emergence of Recorded Jazz, 1920-1929

Damon J. Phillips, Associate Professor of Organization and Strategy, University of Chicago Graduate School of Business

View the paper: "Incumbents, Innovation, and Competence:the Emergence of Recorded Jazz, 1920-1929"

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Swing for Your Supper: The Earnings of Jazz'ers and Other Musicians

Thomas Smith, Clinical Assistant Professor of Economics and the Assistant Director for the Center of Economic Education, University of Illinois at Chicago

View the paper: "Swing for Your Supper: The Earnings of Jazz'ers and Other Musicians"

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