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The Arts: Not Just Artists (and vice versa): New Methodological Approaches towards Understanding the Economic Composition of Arts

Using a three-tiered data approach, we look at the relationship between artistic occupations and artistic industries on both the national and regional level. We then compare the thirty largest metro areas.

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Chicago Music City

Chicago Music City compares the strength and vitality of music industries and scenes across the United States. Sociologists, urban planners, and real-estate developers point to quality of life and availability of cultural amenities as important indicators of the health and future success of urban areas.

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The Artistic Dividend: The Arts’ Hidden Contributions to Regional Development

Artistic activity is a major and varied contributor to economic vitality. We suggest that the productivity of and earnings in a regional economy rise as the incidence of artists within its boundaries increases, because artists’ creativity and specialized skills enhance the design, production and marketing of products and services in other sectors. They also help firms recruit top-rate employees and generate income through direct exports of artistic work out of the region.

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The Artistic Dividend Revisited

In this update of our 2003 study, The Artistic Dividend: The Hidden Contributions of the Arts to the Regional Economy, we explore the results of the 2000 Census to update our depiction of artistic prowess city by city, expanding our analysis to the twenty-nine largest U.S. metros. We confirm the tendency for different metros to specialize in artistic suboccupations.

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When Should Regions Bid for Artistic Resources?

Should regions make special bids to attract growth-enhancing resources? And more specifically, might the arts serve as such a resource? If so, under what conditions?

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