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The Recent Revolution in Cultural Economics

The internet has changed how we produce and consume literature, visual art and performances of all kinds. How should cultural economists be modeling the market for cultural goods? What are the policy implications of choosing one model over another? How can these tools be used to advocate for artists and art-lovers?

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The Globalization of Cultural Markets

Donald Sassoon, Professor of Contemporary European History and Leverhulme Major Research Fellow, Queen Mary, University of London

View the paper: "On Cultural Markets"

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Markets and Identities: Modeling Fine Arts and Valentines

Harrison C. White, Giddings Professor of Sociology, Columbia University

View the paper: "Inventory Of Dynamics In Art Markets"

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Intrinsically Scarce Goods

Michael J. Green, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Chicago, and Rachel Barney, Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Toronto

View the paper: "Intrinsically Scarce Goods"

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