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MetroPulse: How Culture Fits into a Comprehensive Set of Regional Indicators

Drew Williams-Clark, senior planner at Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning

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Beyond the Creative City — cultural policy in an age of scarcity

Dr Jonathan Vickery, Associate Professor in the Centre for Cultural Policy Studies, University of Warwick

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Before and After the Creative City: The Politics of Urban Cultural Policy in Austin, Texas

Carl Grodach, Assistant Professor in the School of Urban and Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Arlington

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The Triumph of the Urban, Gentrification and Sprawl

Robert Bruegmann, Professor Emeritus of Art History, Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Illinois at Chicago

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City, Know Thyself: the Cultural Audit and Strategic Planning

This talk will assess current work on the evidence base for city cultural planning. It will focus on the Cultural Audit of London, for which Freeman was the lead author whilst working for the Mayor of London, England. The Audit's evidence was extensively used to formulate the Mayor of London's Cultural Strategy, and has excited worldwide interest. An update is set to appear in 2012, when London holds its next election and hosts the next Olympics.

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