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The Production of Popular Music as a Confidence Game: The Case of the Chicago Blues

In this article I argue that the production of live music shares many formal properties with that of confidence games.

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Broken Glass: A Community Impact Study of the Chihuly Exhibit in Garfield Park, Chicago

For academic researchers and policy makers interested in the economic, social, and political impact of the arts, the Garden of Glass experience offered an opportunity to study the ways that cultural events like this one impact the attitudes of city residents, the lives of community citizens, and the strategies for economic redevelopment already in place. Garden of Glass was unquestionably an artistic success, but did it influence the neighborhood that hosted it?

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The Concrete Megalopolis Needs Its Grass Spots, Too’: Nonprofit Arts Leadership in Chicago, 1971-2001

This essay draws on extended interviews with arts veterans who have participated in and witnessed the growth of Chicago’s nonprofits from a diversity of positions

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The Chicago Cultural Plan at Year One

Julie Burros, director of Cultural Planning for the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events

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