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The following archive contains various books, reports, working papers, and syllabi published by the Cultural Policy Center.

May, 2003

The Auction Market for Modern Prints: What Have We Learned about Art as an Investment?

ABSTRACT In 1977, an exhaustive data set on the prices of prints sold at auction world-wide first became available. Since 1977, the real return to a diversified portfolio of modern prints has averaged about 1.5 percent, about equal to that on U....

April, 2003

Why Preserve? Public Memory and Heritage Preservation

Preservationists have often been rather inarticulate on the central question of “Why Preserve?” When pressed to move beyond somewhat vague ideals related to the importance of heritage, preservationists’ have tended to...

April, 2003

They don't build 'em like they used to

Why preserve? There are many answers to this question, many of which have great merit: old buildings can be beautiful, they have financial value, they serve as reminders of the past. All of this is received knowledge. Many people in this...

April, 2003

The Government in Heritage Preservation

The question of heritage preservation is one that stress the importance of the natural and built environment . Here the initial insight that all share to greater or lesser degree is that the benefits (and on some cases burdens) of heritage...

April, 2003

I Was Trained as a Historian

The 19th and early 20th century efforts to preserve patriotic landmarks in this country represented not so much shared memory as an attempt to write history.

April, 2003

The Politics of Preservation: Where the Public Meets the Private

This paper attempts to examine some of the broad political aspects of the preservation process in Chicago by recounting a number of significant historic preservation controversies that have arisen over the past decade. The preservation of...

February, 2003

Broken Glass: A Community Impact Study of the Chihuly Exhibit in Garfield Park, Chicago

 For academic researchers and policy makers interested in the economic, social, and political impact of the arts, the Garden of Glass experience offered an opportunity to study the ways that cultural events like this one impact the attitudes of...

January, 2003

Urban Amenities: Lakes, Opera, and Juice Bars: Do They Drive Development?

ABSTRACT Several theories of the new politics and new economy suggest that amenities drive urban development. Do they? Two new amenity measures affect population growth differently. Natural amenities include six components like moderate...

June, 2002

Making a List and Checking it Twice: The List as a Tool of Historic Preservation

In this paper I explore the list as a tool for heritage preservation. My focus will be on extent to which a list is useful in and of itself, decoupled from any other forms of intervention. While considerable attention has been paid to the ...

March, 2002

Catalunya and its Cultural Industries: Policy Pitfalls and Policy Opportunities

The creation of a new governmental agency, even one that will be afforded some degree of independence from government, raises a wide variety of public policy questions. What policies will that agency pursue? How will they differ from the...