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The following archive contains various books, reports, working papers, and syllabi published by the Cultural Policy Center.

May, 2004

When Should Regions Bid for Artistic Resources?

I will not survey the immense literature on development but rather I will focus on one particular question: should regions make special bids to attract growth-enhancing resources? And more specifically, might the arts serve as such a...

May, 2004

The Nature of Intellectual Property in the Mid-Twentieth Century

We have become very familiar with the issues and slogans of today’s intellectual property debate in the contexts of globalization, the commercialization of science, the “enclosure” of the intellectual commons, and the...

April, 2004

Liberty vs. Property? Cracks in the Foundation of Copyright Law

Many modern intellectual property scholars have argued that the creation of patents and copyrights, for inventions and writings, respectively, should be resisted on the ground that these forms of property necessarily infringe ordinary...

April, 2004

The Right to Destroy

This paper responds to Sax, McCaffery, and the various judicial anti-destruction rulings by presenting a qualified defense of the owner’s right to destroy valuable resources. On my account, empowering owners to destroy...

March, 2004

Producing Local Color: A Study of Networks and Resource Mobilization in Three Local Chicago Communities

This study of networks and resource mobilization in three localities shows how professionals and local residents involved in art production accessed resources through social circuits to create markers of the racial, ethnic and class...

February, 2004

Sandpiles of Opportunity: Success in the Art World

This study conceptualizes artists' careers as transitions through positions within a constantly shifting web of relationships that are without a priori hierarchical demarcations. Network analysis of this shifting web from 1981 to 1992...

February, 2004

Culture, Conflict and Community: Rituals of Protest or Flairs of Competition

Most of the studies that advance theories about the social conditions of cultural conflict draw their conclusions by examining high profile case studies. Such studies focus on the unique and varied confluence of factors that come together...

January, 2004

Social Capital and Support for Public Funding of the Arts" (January 2004)

We test the hypothesis that social capital is an important determinant of popular support for public funding of the arts. We employ data from the 1998 General Social survey in order to analyze individual responses to questions relating to...

November, 2003

Mapping State Cultural Policy: The State of Washington

Based on media coverage of government funding for culture – most memorably, the controversy over the National Endowment for the Arts in the early 1990s – one might imagine that all public money for arts, humanities, and heritage come...

May, 2003

The Auction Market for Modern Prints: What Have We Learned about Art as an Investment?

ABSTRACT In 1977, an exhaustive data set on the prices of prints sold at auction world-wide first became available. Since 1977, the real return to a diversified portfolio of modern prints has averaged about 1.5 percent, about equal to that on U....