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The following archive contains various books, reports, working papers, and syllabi published by the Cultural Policy Center.

February, 2005

On Cultural Markets

What follow are brief notes towards an initial way of understanding the positions states can occupy in the hierarchy of cultural power. Though the possible combinations are numerous and complex, we might propose an initial set of...

February, 2005

Inventory Of Dynamics In Art Markets

Each art market shapes to its context. I look only at markets that shape around competitive choices of commitments by a group of producers who lie intermediary  between the sources they craw upon and the buyers they deliver to. Today I...

January, 2005

Swing for Your Supper: The Earnings of Jazz'ers and Other Musicians

This study uses two new datasets to examine the earnings of musicians, specifically jazz musicians, the Study of Jazz Artists 2001: American Federation of Musician Survey and the Study of Jazz Artists 2001: Respondent Driven Survey. This...

November, 2004

Intrinsically Scarce Goods

We are concerned with a class of goods that are both scarce and valued for experiences that depend on their authenticity and unmediated access to them. Such goods include prehistoric cave paintings, spectacular natural sites, and several...

October, 2004

The Production of Popular Music as a Confidence Game: The Case of the Chicago Blues

In this article I argue that the production of live music shares many formal properties with that of confidence games: specifically, (1) a set of structural relationships in which operators, ropers, insiders, shills and marks are enmeshed...

October, 2004

The Interim Director in Nonprofit Arts Organizations: A Bibliography of Existing Literature

INTRODUCTION This bibliography was developed to assist the Illinois Arts Alliance (IAA) with the task of determining the need for a publication about interim directors specific to nonprofit arts organizations. Sources were compiled through scans...

July, 2004

Incumbents, Innovation, and Competence: the Emergence of Recorded Jazz, 1920-1929

We examine recorded jazz as a musical innovation of the early twentieth century. Consistent with much research on radical innovations, the dominant incumbent record companies exhibited hesitance and limited competence in offering jazz in...

May, 2004

The Nature of Intellectual Property in the Mid-Twentieth Century

We have become very familiar with the issues and slogans of today’s intellectual property debate in the contexts of globalization, the commercialization of science, the “enclosure” of the intellectual commons, and the...

May, 2004

Some Observations of Analyzing Economic Impact: A Case Study, the Economic Impact of the Staples Center on the City of Los Angeles

The purpose of this report is to assess the impact the Staples Center has had on the economy of the City of Los Angeles, and in so doing identify and analyze the problems involved in estimating the economic impact of public development...

May, 2004

Assessing the Impacts of the Cultural Industry

Introduction The word "impact", when used in the phrase "economic impact analysis", has two somewhat different interpretations within the economics of the arts and culture. The first arises when the economic impact...