October 27-28: Convening on Cultural Policy and the Arts in Contemporary China

On October 27-28, 2015, the Cultural Policy Center and UChicago Arts convened researchers, policymakers, artists, curators, and students at the UChicago Center in Beijing to discuss cultural policy and the arts in China. 

Today, the arts are recognized not only as works of individual production and subjectivity, but also as a major force in shaping vibrant communities, fostering social engagement, and contributing to economic development. In light of this recognition of the power of the arts on the global stage this is an ideal time for artists, curators, researchers, and policymakers to exchange insights and experiences about the opportunities, challenges, and changes taking place in the contemporary art world. This two-day symposium focused on deepening our understanding of artistic practices, institutions, and policies in the specific political, cultural, and economic context of China. [Full conference agenda]

Tuesday, October 28 and Wednesday, October 28
The University of Chicago Center in Beijing
Culture Plaza,  20th floor
59A  Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, Beijing 100872