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Chicago: The New Mu$ic Capitol?

On January 24, 2008, the Chicago Music Commission hosted a panel discussion of area experts to discuss economic opportunities generated by the city’s music industry. Chicago Music City researchers Lawrence Rothfield, Sarah Lee and Dan Silver launched the discussion with a summary of the study findings. Led by the Commission’s Dan Lurie, city officials and music industry leaders addressed points of contention and future opportunities to collaborate.

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Arts, Cultural Scenes, and Urbanism: New Directions in Research

Innovation has long been seen as crucial to the post-industrial knowledge economy and the cities where it is flourishing.  Arts and culture -- once minor concerns compared with education, crime, and transportation -- have assumed an increasingly central position in urban policy and planning debates.

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Urban Humanities

A town-hall style discussion featuring Danielle Allen, Dean of the Division of the Humanities; Julie Ellison, founding director of Imagining America: Artists and Scholars in Public Life and Professor of American Culture at the University of Michigan; and Chuck Thurow, Executive Director of the Hyde Park Art Center. Moderated by CPC Faculty Director Larry Rothfield.

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State Cultural Policy: What is it? Does Illinois have one? Should it?

Presenter: J. Mark Schuster, Editor and Project Director of Mapping State Cultural Policy: The State of Washington (Cultural Policy Center 2003)

Discussants: Reginald Jones, Executive Director of the Steans Family Foundation, and Kristina Valaitis, Executive Director of the Illinois Humanities Council

Respondent: Jody Kretzmann, co-director of the Asset-Based Community Development Institute (ABCD Institute) at the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University and an advocate of mapping community level assets as part of a planning process

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The Visual Art Critic

Andras Szanto, Deputy Director, National Arts Journalism Program, Columbia University

In dialogue with James Elkins, Professor of Art History, Theory, and Criticism, School of the Art Institute.

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