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Teaching Artists and the Future of Education

Teaching Artists, hybrid professionals who link the arts to education and community life, are redefining the roles that the arts can play in public education. Who are teaching artists? Where and how do they work? What new strategies might they offer to help ailing public schools? And how can schools become generative sites of creative growth for artists, teachers and students?

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Screening of TRUST with filmmaker Nancy Kelly

The Cultural Policy Center hosted a screening of the documentary film Trust: Second Acts in Young Lives. The filmmaker, Nancy Kelly, attended and answered questions after the screening, along with several veterans of the Albany Park Theater Project.

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Jobs in the Arts: the experience of six degree-granting institutions in the Chicago area

On November 12, 2010, the Cultural Policy Center hosted a forum on “Jobs in the Arts: the experience of six degree-granting institutions in the Chicago area,” with representatives from the Department of Cultural Affairs, Columbia College, the University of Chicago, DePaul University (The School of Music and The Theater School), the College of Architecture and the Arts at the University of Illinois at Chicago, the Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and researchers from NORC, Slover Linett Strategies, and the Strategic Natio

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The National Arts Index

How do we measure the health of the cultural sector? Although tools exist to take the pulse of the economy, until now, Americans have not had an index of cultural indicators that tells us about the cultural health of the country. TheNational Arts Index combines four kinds of measures—

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On October 27 and 28, Arlene Goldbard gave a series of formal and informal presentations in Chicago as a guest of the Cultural Policy Center. Ms. Goldbard is a writer, lecturer, and arts consultant whose focus is the intersection of culture, politics, and community. She has frequently addressed academic, professional, practitioner and community audiences on topics ranging from the ethics of community arts practice to the need for a paradigm shift in cultural policy.

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