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Understanding Locality and Art in Chicago

Diane Grams is Assistant Professor of Sociology at Tulane University and coeditor with Betty Farrell of Entering Cultural Communities: Diversity and Change in the Nonprofit Arts. During fall 2010, she is a visiting fellow at the Yale Center for Cultural Sociology, a sister center to the University of Chicago’s Cultural Policy Center. Prior to joining Tulane’s faculty in 2007, she served as the associate director of the Cultural Policy Center (2003-2007).

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Beyond the Rhetoric and Toward Real Change

Within the universe of cultural organizations in the U.S., the subject of ethnic, racial, generational and socio-economic 'diversity' remains a confusing, frustrating, and sometimes contentious topic. Misunderstandings and disagreements about diversity are especially common in conversations about how governing boards and staff are selected and how they work together, how audiences are served, and how choices about art programming are made. Although the word itself has become a commonplace in the arts, honest discussion about diversity presents opportunities for creating unrealistic expectations and for giving or taking offense.

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