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Entering Cultural Communities: Diversity and Change in the Nonprofit Arts

Long ago, arts organizations sought patrons primarily from among the rich and well educated, but for many decades they have sought to broaden their audiences. Museums, orchestras, dance companies, theaters, and community cultural centers try to involve a variety of people in the arts. They strive to attract a more racially and ethnically diverse group of people, those from a broader range of economic backgrounds, new immigrants, families and youth.

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Mapping Cultural Participation in Chicago

Chicago's cultural institutions attract millions of visitors every year.  What is the connection between the city's major cultural organizations and its diverse population? This study draws upon data – ticket purchases, subscriptions, donor lists – from over 60 organizations to examine how these transactions are linked to the economic, racial, and ethnic data from the Census to provide neighborhood-by-neighborhood maps of participation patterns.

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Compensation Environments in the Illinois Nonprofit Arts Labor Market

This study of executive compensation to arts leaders in Illinois summarizes key employment statistics and presents results from a factor analysis showing four models of compensation environments found within arts organizations. The story told by this study is first, one of small nonprofit businesses, and second, how these small businesses balance resources to compensate their staffs. The study is based on results of a custom survey sent to 655 Illinois nonprofit arts organizations.

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The Interim Director in Nonprofit Arts Organizations: A Bibliography of Existing Literature

This bibliography was developed to assist the Illinois Arts Alliance (IAA) with the task of determining the need for a publication about interim directors specific to nonprofit arts organizations. Sources were compiled through scans of academic databases, internet search engines, information culled from consulting firms that provide interim director services for nonprofits, and recommendations from the staff of the IAA.

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Producing Local Color: A Study of Networks and Resource Mobilization in Three Local Chicago Communities

This study of networks and resource mobilization in three localities shows how professionals and local residents involved in art production accessed resources through social circuits to create markers of the racial, ethnic and class dimensions of their communities.

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