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Chicago Music City

Chicago Music City compares the strength and vitality of music industries and scenes across the United States. Sociologists, urban planners, and real-estate developers point to quality of life and availability of cultural amenities as important indicators of the health and future success of urban areas.

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Lasting Effects: Assessing the Future of Economic Impact Analysis of the Arts

Lasting Effects Conference Summary and Edited Transcript (PDF) — Edited for clarity as well as concision, this document highlights the major themes of this conference. It provides a clear and brief introduction to current thinking about economic impact analyses. This document also contains a very informative introduction by Jonathan Katz and a glossary of economic terms.

About the Conference


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Measuring Cultural Values: Empirical Challenges

Don Coursey, Ameritech Professor of Public Policy, Irving Harris Graduate School of Public Policy Studies

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Getting Down to the Basics: Fundamental Research into Cultural Preferences and Success

Don Coursey, The University of Chicago Irving B. Harris Graduate School of Public Policy Studies
& Colm O'Muircheartaigh, The Harris Graduate School of Public Policy Studies & NORC

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