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Cultural Differences in Informal Family Learning at a Children's Museum

Presented by Suzanne Gaskins, Professor of Psychology at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago and Visiting Scholar at the CPC for the 2010-11 academic year.

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Assessing the Impact of Museums: Claims, Judgements, and Measurements


  • Douglas Greenberg, President, Chicago Historical Society
  • John McCarter, President, The Field Museum
  • James Wood, Director & President, Art Institute of Chicago

Edited transcript

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Demographic Change and the Future of Museums

CPC Executive Director Betty Farrell and Sociology Ph.D. Candidate Maria Medvedeva

This presentation provided an update on the American Association of Museums project titled, "Demographic Transformation and the Future of Museums: Trends and Implications." The report was finished and released in May 2010.

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Taking Funds, Giving Offense, Making Money: The Brooklyn Museum of Art Controversy and the Dilemmas of Arts Policy

Papers are no longer available on-line since the publication of a book based on conference presentations. The book is titled Unsettling Sensation: Arts Policy Lessons from the Brooklyn Museum of Art Controversy.

The Controversy — A comprehensive archive of coverage and criticism of the Sensation furor in The Arts Journal on-line.

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