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Sovereignty and Cultural Property Policy in Museums

This paper asks how museums can develop cultural property policies in museums that are based on concepts of tribal sovereignty.

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Nina Simon on The Participatory Museum

In today's cultural landscape, people don't just consume art experiences — they want to participate as well. In this interactive session, Nina Simon will share her vision for the future of museums as personal, dynamic, collaborative places for visitor engagement.

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Museums Then and Now: A Comparison of Museum-Building in the U.S.

Steven Conn is Professor of History at Ohio State University and Director of Public History there. He is the author of five books including Museums and American Intellectual Life, 1876-1926 and most recently Do Museums Still Need Objects?

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Working Session: The Multiple Audiences of Campus-Based Art Museums — What Do We Need to Know?

The Cultural Policy Center departed from its usual workshop format this week in favor of a public conversation with Tom Shapiro and Peter Linett.

Tom Shapiro is a strategist and planner for cultural institutions, whose recent work involves art museum initiatives at Case Western Reserve University, the University of Illinois, and the University of Iowa and planning projects with institutions such as the Phoenix Art Museum and the Contemporary Jewish Museum.

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Examining Leisure Values in Latino Families and Implications for Informal Learning Organizations

Cecilia Garibay, PhD, is principal of Garibay Group, a multicultural audience research and consulting firm. She has consulted for the National History Museum (Smithsonian), the Exploratorium in San Francisco, the Field Museum, and the Art Institute of Chicago, and is currently Co-PI of the NSF-funded project, Bilingual Exhibit Research Initiative, which is investigating the impact of bilingual labels on visitors.

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