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Chicago: The New Mu$ic Capitol?

On January 24, 2008, the Chicago Music Commission hosted a panel discussion of area experts to discuss economic opportunities generated by the city’s music industry. Chicago Music City researchers Lawrence Rothfield, Sarah Lee and Dan Silver launched the discussion with a summary of the study findings. Led by the Commission’s Dan Lurie, city officials and music industry leaders addressed points of contention and future opportunities to collaborate.

Listen to the panel discussion

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The Artistic Dividend: The Arts’ Hidden Contributions to Regional Development

Ann Markusen, Fesler-Lambert Chair in Urban and Regional Affairs and Director of the Project on Regional and Industrial Economics, Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota

View the papers: “The Artistic Dividend: The Arts’ Hidden Contributions to Regional Development” and “The Artistic Dividend Revisited.”

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Lasting Effects: Assessing the Future of Economic Impact Analysis of the Arts

Lasting Effects Conference Summary and Edited Transcript (PDF) — Edited for clarity as well as concision, this document highlights the major themes of this conference. It provides a clear and brief introduction to current thinking about economic impact analyses. This document also contains a very informative introduction by Jonathan Katz and a glossary of economic terms.

About the Conference


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The Creative Engine

Neil Scott Kleiman, Director, and Robin Keegan, Deputy Director, Center for an Urban Future, New York

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