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Determining the Value of Cultural Goods: How much (or how little) does contingent valuation tell us?

What does CVM tell us about the value of cultural goods and services, and what does it leave out?

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Coherent and Incoherent Valuation: A Problem With Contingent Valuation of Cultural Amenities

I aim to describe a new problem with contingent valuation studies, and to suggest the nature and severity of the difficulties in surmounting it.1 The source of the problem, in brief, is category-bound thinking. When people explore particular problems in isolation, they normalize them by comparing them to a cognitively accessible comparison set, consisting of cases from the same basic category.

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CVM vs. Economic Impact: Substitutes or Complements?

Can a "ferocious" critic of arts economic impact (EIM) studies, who has labeled them a "fashionable excess," and called instead for more extensive use of alternatives such as contingent valuation (CVM) studies develop some belated sympathy for their continued use?

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Assessing the Public Service Element of Irish Public Broadcasting – The Validity of the Contingent Valuation Method

In this study, we examine the Irish public service broadcaster (PSB), Radio Telefís Éireann (RTÉ).

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Using Stated-Preference Questions to Investigate Variation in Willingness to Pay for Preserving Marble Monuments: Classical Heterogeneity and Random Parameters

The goal of this paper is three-fold: to estimate mean willingness to pay (WTP) for the preservation of these cultural resources, to determine the extent to which individual WTP varies, and to try to explain WTP variation as a function of individual characteristics such as age, income, gender, and ethnicity.

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