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Using Stated-Preference Questions to Investigate Variation in Willingness to Pay for Preserving Marble Monuments: Classical Heterogeneity and Random Parameters

The goal of this paper is three-fold: to estimate mean willingness to pay (WTP) for the preservation of these cultural resources, to determine the extent to which individual WTP varies, and to try to explain WTP variation as a function of individual characteristics such as age, income, gender, and ethnicity.

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Contingent Valuation and the Public Interest in Privately Owned Cultural Property

This paper concerns whether contingent valuation methods could play a useful role in determining whether a particular work of art is of "recognized quality."

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Contingent Valuation Studies in the Arts and Culture: An Annotated Bibliography

There is a (mis)perception that the economic approach relies on soulless, cold and calculating rational actors. This leads many who work in the cultural arena to be suspicious of and sometimes even deny any possibility of economists’ contribution. To many, an economic theory associated with profit-maximizing firms seems ill-suited to describe many artists. And perhaps some suspicion of a discipline rooted in assuming everyone is “rational” is well-founded. Nonetheless, the economic approach still has some useful insights and tools to contribute to the study of cultural value.

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The Regrettable Necessity of Contingent Valuation

What I hope to do instead is to place the technique of contingent valuation in a large context that deals with the question of valuation more broadly.

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Contingent Valuation and Cultural Policies: Some Challenges and a Case Study

Although CVM has been widely used for valuing non-market goods its application to the measurement of cultural goods has been limited. 

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