Publications Archive

The following archive contains various books, reports, working papers, and syllabi published by the Cultural Policy Center.

March, 2000

Why Humanities Policy Belongs on the Public Agenda

Within the cultural sector, the humanities play a crucial role, if a largely underappreciated one. Yet by almost any measure, the humanities at the turn of the 21st century are suffering a major crisis brought on by a combination of...

March, 2000

Cultural Policy Beyond Aesthetics

We need ways of measuring cultural tastes and values that will assist the development of cultural policies that will be ‘beyond aesthetics’ in the sense of recognising that, in complex, culturally diverse societies, there is no...

February, 2000

Purges, Exclusions, and Limits: Art Policies in Germany 1933-1949

During the period 1933-1949 Germany experienced two massive art purges. Both the National Socialist government and OMGUS (Military Government in Germany,U.S.) were highly concerned with controlling what people saw and how they saw it. The Nazis...

February, 2000

Sovereignty and Cultural Property Policy in Museums

Abstract This paper asks how museums can develop cultural property policies in museums that are based on concepts of tribal sovereignty. It finds that the National Museum of the American Indian Act (1989) and the Native American Graves...

October, 1999

Biological Arithmetic, Cultural Economics, and the Amerindian Termination Dilemma

Introduction According to family lore, my maternal grandfather's maternal grandmother was Cherokee, descended from one of the "Five Civilized Tribes" that in the 1830s had been coercively removed from their aboriginal homelands to...

October, 1999

Culture: Anthropology's Old Vice or International Law's New Virtue?

As an anthropologist new to the field of international law and one who has been asked to address the theme of "culture," I find myself in an ambivalent position . As I have elaborated elsewhere, anthropologists have been quite hostile...

September, 1999

National Policies of Cultural Recognition and the Asymptotes of Reason

Introduction I begin with what might seem an indulgent meditation on a mathematic form. Let the above curve represent Understanding, the rate of whose slope is determined by a specific form of communicative action. And let the axes, x and y,...

April, 1999

Cultural *Policy* Studies?! *Cultural* Policy Studies?! Cultural Policy *Studies*?! A Guide for Perplexed Humanists

For the past several years a group of faculty at the University of Chicago has been convening, teaching, and doing research under the aegis of what began life as "The Arts and Humanities in Public Life Initiative," but now, after...

January, 1999

Patronage, Beyond Panegyric and Jeremiad

Presented at the 1999 conference Toward the Development of a National Cultural Policy Research Agenda.

January, 1999

Maintaining the Status Quo in Intellectual Property Rights

Presented at the 1999 conference Toward the Development of a National Cultural Policy Research Agenda.