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The following archive contains various books, reports, working papers, and syllabi published by the Cultural Policy Center.

February, 2002

Contingent Valuation and Cultural Policies: Some Challenges and a Case Study

Abstract Because of its capacity to measure the value of intangible benefits, contingent valuation promises to become a useful tool in the evaluation of cultural policies, programs and facilities. Although CVM has been widely used for ...

February, 2002

Is CVM an appropriate evaluation methodology to support national public policy and decision-making in the contemporary arts?

In this paper I would like to address broader questions to do with the kinds of cultural value and evaluation problems experienced by organisations like the Arts Council of Ireland, and some of the constraints that might limit the...

February, 2002

CVM vs. Economic Impact: Substitutes or Complements?

Can a "ferocious" critic of arts economic impact (EIM) studies, who has labeled them a "fashionable excess," and called instead for more extensive use of alternatives such as contingent valuation (CVM) studies develop some...

February, 2002

The Regrettable Necessity of Contingent Valuation

What I hope to do instead is to place the technique of contingent valuation in a large context that deals with the question of valuation more broadly.

February, 2002

How Modern Societies Maintain Cultural Values by Financing Cultural Goods

Can Contingent Valuation results substitute market results in the field of cultural policy? My answer is a clear "no". No, the data generated by contingent valuation surveys on the amount of dollars which citizens are willing to ...

January, 2002

Ephemera, Temporary Urbanism, and Imaging

OVERVIEW Urban ephemera are organized, momentary, repeated urban public presentations. They include parades, festivals, celebrations, outdoor performances, and rituals of all kinds. Because they impress themselves upon the public...

January, 2002

Paying the Piper, Calling the Tune: A Transaction Cost Politics Analysis of the National Endowment for the Arts

Abstract The field of cultural economics has devoted substantial attention to the positive and normative analysis of the willingness of citizens to fund art through the public sector. But there has been little economic analysis of the efficiency...

January, 2002

Director Turnover: Are We Sustaining our Talent?

Introduction If you are part of a museum that recently changed directors, you belong to a sizable club. The museum boom and the baby boom might be to blame for this turnover. Several capital campaigns have come to a close. Baby boomers are...

January, 2002

Sub-National Cultural Policy - Where the Action is? Mapping State Cultural Policy in the United States

Most of the formal studies of cultural policy concentrate on the role of central governments and their approaches to supporting the arts, creative industries and heritage. Less attention has been given to cultural policy at the sub-...

December, 2001

The Concrete Megalopolis Needs Its Grass Spots, Too’: Nonprofit Arts Leadership in Chicago, 1971-2001

Introduction In 1972, a Chicago Tribune reporter surveyed the city’s underfunded and disorganized nonprofit arts scene, and urged that "The concrete megalopolis needs its grass spots, too." For Chicago’s nonprofit...