Emerging Practice Seminar 2011

April 29, 2011 - 8:30am to 4:45pm

University of Chicago Gleacher Center
450 N. Cityfront Plaza Dr., Chicago, IL 60611
Room 200

CultureLab's Emerging Practice Seminar is a concerted effort to bring forward promising new practices in the cultural sector and transmit them to the field. The 2011 seminar focused on:

  • Uses of technology in audience engagement
  • Revenue management and dynamic pricing

The discussion of each topic featured several case studies drawn from arts organizations from Chicago to Sydney. The day also included a lunchtime debate about the role of technology devices in theaters and concert halls, featuring Martha Lavey, Artistic Director of Steppenwolf Theatre Company, and Alan Brown, Principal at WolfBrown.

Morning Topic: Uses of Technology in Audience Engagement

Topic Introduction

by Tim Roberts, ARTS Australia

download the slides (PDF)

Layered Arts Experiences

Engaging audiences with real-time interpretive content

Presenter: Alan Brown, WolfBrown

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Tweet Seats

Engaging audiences through Twitter inside and outside of venues

Presenter: Vicki Allpress Hill, The Audience Connection

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Mobile Interaction: adding content and context

Engaging audiences and visitors through QR codes and mobile apps

Presenter: Ron Evans, Group of Minds

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Uses of Foursquare and Other Geolocation Technologies

A study tracking 76 nonprofit theatres on Foursquare in the past year and a half, and several mini case studies

Presenter: Devon Smith, 24 Usable Hours

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Innovative uses of blogging to engage audiences in new work

Presenter: Thomas Wickell, Marketing Director at Malmö Opera

Best practices in uses of video content to attract and engage audiences and visitors

Presenters: Linda Garrison, Director of Marketing & Communications at Steppenwolf Theatre, and Thomas Weitz, Digital Assets Manager at Steppenwolf Theatre

download the slides (PDF)

Lunch Topic: The role of Technology Devices in Theatres and Concert Halls

A live debate between Martha Lavey, Artistic Director of Steppenwolf Theatre Company, and Alan Brown, Principal, WolfBrown. Moderated by Roger Tomlinson, Associate of Baker Richards and Managing Director of Roger Tomlinson Limited.

As a field, we are grappling with serious issues surrounding the sanctity of the audience experience. What are the limitations of audience interaction and engagement during arts experiences? Are we undermining the art forms by inviting audience members to Tweet? Does art speak for itself, needing no mediation or embellishment, or should we provide audiences with more and more interpretive assistance, and allow them to photograph, remix and react in real-time?

Afternoon Topic: Revenue Management & Dynamic Pricing

Topic Introduction

by Tim Baker, Baker Richards

download the slides (PDF)

Chicago Symphony Orchestra revenue management case study

Presenters: Kevin Giglinto, Vice President for Sales and Marketing at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and Philippe Ravanas, Chairperson of the Arts, Entertainment and Media Management Department, Columbia College Chicago

download the slides (PDF)

Sydney Opera House Price Optimisation Project

Presenter: Tim Roberts, ARTS Australia

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Goodman Theatre – emerging thoughts on dynamic pricing

Presenter: Lori Kleinerman, Marketing & PR Director at Goodman Theatre

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Center Theatre Group and its use of audience zoning to maximize revenue

Presenter: Tim Baker, Baker Richards

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Auditorium Design & Its Ability to Affect Income

Presenter: Duncan Webb, Webb Management Services

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Presenting Dynamic Pricing Online

Presenter: Debbie Richards, Baker Richards

For information, email Debbie Richards.