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Unsettling "Sensation": Arts Policy Lessons from the Brooklyn Museum of Art Controversy

The contributors to this volume use the Sensation exhibition as a springboard to analyze larger questions such as what authority the government has to withhold public funds; how to interpret the First Amendment; how to reflect the cultural and religious values of a diverse metropolitan area; and the ethical dilemmas of the relationship between museums and dealers in art.

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Why Humanities Policy Belongs on the Public Agenda

Within the cultural sector, the humanities play a crucial role, if a largely underappreciated one. Yet by almost any measure, the humanities at the turn of the 21st century are suffering a major crisis brought on by a combination of demographic, economic, and technological changes. To respond to these challenges, new public policies are urgently needed.

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Measuring the Cultural Vitality of Scenes: the Music Scene in Chicago

Lawrence Rothfield,  Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature at the University of Chicago

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The Rape of Mesopotamia: Behind the Looting of the Iraq Museum

Lawrence Rothfield, University of Chicago

Rothfield will discuss his new book, out from the University of Chicago Press in April 2009.

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