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When Should Regions Bid for Artistic Resources?

Should regions make special bids to attract growth-enhancing resources? And more specifically, might the arts serve as such a resource? If so, under what conditions?

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Why Hollywood Rules the World, and Whether We Should Care

International trade has made Hollywood the world center for expensive movies with an international audience. The degree of clustering has reached such an extreme, and Hollywood movies have become so publicly visible, as to occasion charges of American cultural imperialism. Many individuals claim that global culture is a threat rather than a promise, when it comes to the world of cinema.   What lies behind these charges?

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The Recent Revolution in Cultural Economics

The internet has changed how we produce and consume literature, visual art and performances of all kinds. How should cultural economists be modeling the market for cultural goods? What are the policy implications of choosing one model over another? How can these tools be used to advocate for artists and art-lovers?

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Lasting Effects: Assessing the Future of Economic Impact Analysis of the Arts

Lasting Effects Conference Summary and Edited Transcript (PDF) — Edited for clarity as well as concision, this document highlights the major themes of this conference. It provides a clear and brief introduction to current thinking about economic impact analyses. This document also contains a very informative introduction by Jonathan Katz and a glossary of economic terms.

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